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Expert Care for Your Newborn

We have been proudly serving parents and families for over 20 years. We welcome you to Cloverleaf Pediatrics as you welcome your new family member.

Before Baby Arrives: Free Prenatal Meet-and-Greet

We’re happy to meet with soon-to-be parents prior to baby’s arrival. This meeting allows you to meet the physicians and staff and to ask questions about the future care of your baby.

Baby’s First Visit

Newborns are seen one or two days after discharge from the hospital. At your baby’s first office visit, our physicians will perform a full exam, looking at body functions like basic newborn reflexes, skin tone, alertness and hip stability.

We will take measurements for the baby’s length (which later will be referred to as his or her height), weight and head circumference, and plot them on a growth chart. We provide caregivers with growth stickers starting at your first visit and then at each subsequent well-child check visit.

Our physicians will ask questions, address any of your concerns and offer advice on how your baby is feeding, urinating, having bowel movements and sleeping. We will review screening tests performed in the hospital and discuss routine care and safety measures for your baby.

Breastfeeding Support 

Our certified breastfeeding specialist helps new mothers meet their goals for breastfeeding. Together, with the physicians, she will help identify and solve breastfeeding obstacles.

Our specialist will meet with breastfeeding mothers on their first postpartum office visit, and will then follow up with a call within one to two weeks to see how a new mom is doing. She is available to speak with parents anytime by phone, and we encourage families to call with questions.

Office Visit Schedule for Baby’s First Year

Babies are seen in the office:

  • One or two days after postpartum hospital discharge
  • At one or two weeks of age
  • At 1 month of age
  • At 2 months of age
  • At 4 months of age
  • At 6 months of age
  • At 9 months of age
  • At 12 months of age

Vaccine Policy

As board-certified pediatricians, we firmly believe in preventive medical care for our patients and the community. For this reason, we require all patients to be fully immunized against vaccine-preventable illnesses. Our practice vaccinates according to guidelines set forth by the American Academy of Pediatrics and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Download our Immunization and Screening Schedule (PDF)