We have been made aware of large gatherings of high-schoolers and middle-schoolers in the St. Charles and St. Louis area associated with events such as prom, graduation and other parties. Many of these gatherings do not involve social distancing or the use of face masks. Our physician colleagues across the region have been able to attribute many cases of COVID-19 to such events. A person infected with COVID-19 may not show symptoms for up to 14 days after they were exposed, meaning they could not know they have it and infect others, including older people and those who are high-risk.

We STRONGLY discourage parents from allowing their children to attend these large events.

Unmasked large gatherings have the potential to lead to large outbreaks in students at a time when we are all trying to safely open schools in a little over a month.  If we do not take action now and change this type of behavior, we risk any chance that schools will be safe for in-person return.

If your child has participated in any large gathering or has not maintained appropriate social distance/ use of face mask while interacting with others outside of your household and now has symptoms (especially cough, difficulty breathing, fever, or loss of sense of taste or smell),  please seek testing and keep them home under quarantine until test results are available.

To be screened for testing, please contact:

  • Cloverleaf Pediatrics 636-939-3362
  • BJC Healthcare 314-391-4930
  • Mercy Healthcare
  • Testing may also be available at SSM Urgent Cares, some CVS and Walgreens pharmacies

Please stay safe and help keep our children healthy,

Cloverleaf Pediatrics